• “How we see ourselves affects how we live our lives, but our mirror image isn’t a true reflection. “You Are Photogenic” reveals the key to seeing-and thus, knowing your true self. "

"Why, despite all our mirrors, do we never really know what we look like, and consequently cannot picture ourselves in imagination, as we can everyone else we know?" -Arthur Schopenhauer

What the book is all About

This book contains unique information that I have gathered both through experience and extensive research. The experimental and practical applications are the result of my lengthy and varied career as a professional photographer, which has allowed me a view into human nature through the magnifying lens of the camera. My research has been formed through more than ten years of extensive reading, investigating, and writing about the concept of the self.


As I’ve recommended before, we should all snapshot our reality to explore the world around us. Now more than ever in this digital era, it’s easy to see that we tend to visually communicate ourselves with others. The Internet has opened up a new space for social interaction. We now have countless platforms that we can use to display ourselves to others. Websites like Facebook and You Tube have found great success in allowing us a space where we can share our thoughts, emotions, and desires, but most especially: what we look like. Out of this has emerged the popular culture phenomenon, the 'selfie.'

Why people say "I am not photogenic"

  • They’re used to the reflection in the mirror.
  • The lateralization of the face changes.
  • They don’t know that when seen through a mirror, the body appears to be much smaller than it actually is. This explains “the camera puts 10 pounds on me.”
  • They have a defensive, yet unconscious, idea of how other people see them.
  • They have a different image of themselves in their mind’s eye.
  • Someone told them, or they are convinced that they are not very attractive.
  • They don’t know what to look for in themselves.

The mirror image functions as a photo-shopped image. It is soft and diffused in contrast to the more detailed and precise photographic image. Of course we prefer the mirror image compared to the photo.

What is Photo-Image?

Photo-Image enables a person to be photographed to the best of his/her ability and to show the true essence and beauty of ourselves. Photo-Image is a real image of who you are, not as a portrait or a snapshot, but as a physical reality that you can observe objectively and subjectively. From there, we can gain knowledge of who we are as a person and what qualities or details the face and body reveal about the inner self, allowing the formation of a clear, visual interpretation of you as you are. The process involves values, beliefs, and desires that define your identity. You are accepting the reality that reveals who you really are. It also is the self-awareness that reflects your facial expression. The photo-image, is therefore, your true self which is your most powerful self.

What is beauty?

“The woman who is praised for her legs or arms is not beautiful; the woman whose overall beauty diverts admiration from her individual parts, is.” --Seneca

Beauty is not limited to just physical characteristics. It is a combination of everything that makes a person attractive; their character as much as the way they communicate who they are to others. It is defined by projecting a sense of harmony with your body and mind that a photograph can capture. In a person, beauty is best expressed as harmony between emotions, facial expression, and the self.